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Nature and culture - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
Minca is a small fresh coffee town, tourist and a sanctuary for wikdlife in its surroundings as it is nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, surrounded by mountains, the exuberant rainforest, coffee and cocoa plantations, waterfalls and Friendly and diverse people.
Hiking for the Dry forest in Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
1 day trip -  Hiking To Minca
The trip starts from your location in Santa Marta at 06:00 on the way to the village of Bonda, about 4 km away from the city, from there we will start our day of Hiking!
  • Approximately 18 km hiking.
  • We will visit a beautiful waterfall of 20 meters high.
  • Share a little with the peasants of the region during the hiking.
  • We will go from 40 meters high (Bonda) to 1.100 meters (La Esmeralda Farm) and then 630 meters (Minca).
  • We'll have a traditional lunch in a humble coffie farm.
  • And in the end we will discover the small village of Minca, knowing a little about the interior of this and its activities, and maybe having another cup of coffee.
  • Then we'll be ready to return to our accommodation in Santa Marta.
Bonus! 2 days trip -  Beyond Minca

You can choose to spend the night in a natural reserve near the town of Minca where we will have a night season of Wildlife Encounters and the next day another morning season. Afther the first hike day:
3 Km hike from Minca until Faunal Nature Reserve where we'll spend the rest of the day.

A small nocturnal walk aruond the nature reserve attempting find interesting wildlife.

Waking up early (at 06:00) for hike again! this time for a hiking loop that it will take us for the diferents farms and tiny villages around Minca, 14 Km, from 800 m.a.s.l. until 1.450 m.a.s.l. and then we'll return Minca again where we'll enjoy a delicious lunch.

Afther Luch, we'll retorn to Santa Marta.
Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
1 day trip - Surroundings Tour

The trip starts from its location in Santa Marta at 06:00 heading to Minca approximately 15 km from the city, then at 07:00 we will start a walk through trails that surround the village, narrow trails and walked by very few people. This will allow us to have a great opportunity to appreciate the biodiversity of the region: Toucans, Flycatchers, Orioles, Guarumos and Higuerones, Lizards and Snakes, etc.

A 3 km hike, we will visit the popular natural pool "Pozo Azul" (09:00) to swim if you prefer, then a coffee at the Faunal Nature Reserve (09:30) where we will relax for a while to enjoy the environment and observe wildlife and ends with the return to the town of Minca (11:30) to have lunch and return to the city of Santa Marta.
Snake in Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
Red-Tailed Squirrel seen during the trekking to Minca with Native Expeditions
White-Vented Plumeleteer seen during the trekking to Minca with Native Expeditions
Santa Marta view from Minca
Silveste Waterfall in a hiking in sierra nevada de santa marta
Corn harvest in Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta
Costs (per Person):
(The costs are for at least 2 people, if you want to made the expedition only you, just ask!)
  • A Hiking Day: $450.000 COP
  • A Hiking Day+Bonus: $860.000 COP
  • The Suroundings Tour: $550.000 COP
  • Transportation  from your location in Santa Marta.
  • Meals (Just lunch in "One Day" options. "Bonus" does not include the first day breakfast and last day lunch and dinner).
  • Lodging in Bonus.
  • Health insurance.
  • Bilingual Guide.
  • Headlamp o Cellphone lamp.
  • Comfortable backpack.
  • Rain protection for clothing and electronic devices (bags or backpack cover).
  • Trekking boots / trail shoes.
  • Long trekking pants (for bugs or thorny plant scratches).
  • Waterproof jacket or umbrella.
  • Protection against the sun (hat or cream sunscreen).
  • 1L to 2L capacity bottle.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Report us about your health problems, allergies and/or injuries you have.
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